Killnet Threatens Lithuania with DDoS Attacks over Blockade

Killnet Threatens Lithuania with DDoS Attacks over Blockade

Researchers have announced that the DDoS attacks on the Lithuanian government and other organizations in the Baltic nation on Monday were motivated by the restriction of transit routes within the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. They claim that the attacks were carried out Russia-linked cyber collective Killnet.

Killnet says it would continue to launch attacks until the problem is fixed. Lithuania’s Secure National Data Transfer Network as well as other governmental institutions and private businesses in the nation are currently the targets of intense and ongoing DDoS attacks, according to the National Cyber Security Center (NKSC) of Lithuania, which is part of the Ministry of National Defense.

Users of the secure data network experienced disruptions in their ability to access services because of the attacks, which the government expects will continue and also target other important infrastructure in Lithuania.

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