Microsoft Issues an Out-of-Band Update Following Kerberos Issues Caused by a Security Patch


Microsoft has released an ad-hoc update after discovering that a recent Windows security patch was causing Kerberos authentication problems.

The privilege escalation vulnerability affecting Windows Server, CVE-2022-37966, was fixed in the Patch Tuesday updates released on November 8. An attacker who can gather data about the targeted system and exploit this high-severity flaw may be able to gain administrative rights. Microsoft provided this explanation in its advisory for CVE-2022-37966.

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According to Microsoft, an unauthenticated attacker could conduct an attack that could exploit cryptographic protocol vulnerabilities in RFC 4757 (Kerberos encryption type RC4-HMAC-MD5) and MS-PAC (Privilege Attribute Certificate Data Structure specification) to bypass security features in a Windows AD environment.

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