Government Compliant PaaS Secure Software Factory Now Available!

Government Compliant PaaS Secure Software Factory Now Available_-01

TechTrend, Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of Federal GovCloud Secure Software Factory, a FedRAMP complaint platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables a wholistic, integrated and secured platform for application development and operations. The Secure Software Factory combines the power of a DevSecOps capability for continuous integration and continuous delivery with the flexibility of operationally hosting applications within the security boundary, enabling a secure software supply chain for agile based application development practices. Start your organization on a path to success with this modern, digital approach to secure, smart cloud adoption that encompasses hosting, automation, security, and operations in one.

This complete, secure, government complaint software factory is an all-in-one solution that empowers development teams to do what they do best, develop code while the application plumbing to include the DevSecOps toolchain, application hosting, operations, patching, and support desk are all provided as a PaaS. This platform also enables cybersecurity leads and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to oversee cloud governance efficiently without the burden of large investments and longer timelines.

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Security was front and center with the design of Federal GovCloud Secure Software Factory to ensure that it was built to meet the rigors of today’s connected world and as mandated by the White House Executive Order on Secure Software Supply Chain. The platform consists of an integrated toolchain and managed hosting for production systems and databases in a dedicated FedRAMP cloud environment. With our managed services and end-to-end toolchain, over 70% of the required NIST 800-53 controls at the moderate level are covered in full or partially by TechTrend as the cloud service provider (CSP). The PaaS includes 24×7 help desk support, security monitoring, operations support, and patching managed by certified cloud engineers. Most importantly, security controls are documented for ease of Authority to Operate for government agencies with auditable artifacts.

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