New Mirai Variant Spotted Hijacking IoT Devices

New Mirai Variant Spotted Hijacking IoT Devices-01

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks revealed that, over the past month, a new variant of the Mirai botnet was discovered targeting new IoT vulnerabilities.

As per a blog post by researchers from the Unit 42 Threat Intelligence Team at Palo Alto Networks, the attacks were first discovered in February. One IP address used in the attack was updated to serve a Mirai variant leveraging CVE-2021-27561 and CVE-2021-27562 within hours of publishing the vulnerability details.

Earlier in March, the security researchers noticed the same samples from a third IP address, with the addition of an exploit utilizing CVE-2021-22502. And at the end of last week, an exploit targeting CVE-2020-26919 was also included in the samples.

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