Nozomi Networks Labs Trace Vulnerabilities in Axis

Nozomi Networks Labs Trace Vulnerabilities in Axis

The video recording software firm, Axis has released three updates after receiving notification from Nozomi Networks Labs about three vulnerabilities in their system. The company has launched firmware updates to address each vulnerability.

Nozomi Networks Labs researchers acquired an Axis Companion Recorder to investigate the cybersecurity features of the equipment. They identified faulty recipient validation in network test functionalities (CVE-2021-31987, CVSSv3 4.1), heap-based buffer overflow (CVE-2021-31986, CVSSv3 6.7) and SMTP header injection within email test functionality (CVE-2021-31988, CVSSv3 5.5). The researchers discovered that the heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability inside the read callback function malfunctioned.

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