Ping Identity and One Identity Join Hands on Identity Management

Ping Identity and One Identity

Ping Identity and One Identity have aligned in a partnership to promote end-to-end identity management solutions, along with access security and control.

This partnership collaborates with One Identity’s identity governance and administration (IGA) technology with the Ping Identity’s access management technology.

Ping Identity’s single sign-on (SSO) MFA and access management capabilities will now work along with One Identity Manager’s governance and identity administration, flaunting the underlying accounts that access critical business systems, databases, applications, and SaaS services.

According to the two companies, about 27% of enterprise workloads will still remain on the on-premise by the end of this year.  This refers to the hybrid environments that will remain common across multiple organizations, and the required security measures to keep users and safe access can be a challenge.

Source: Securitybrief