ProtonMail, a Secure Email Company, Protects Itself after Sharing a User’s Internet Address

ProtonMail_ a Secure Email Company_ Protects Itself after Sharing a Users Internet Address

Despite having a no-IP address logging policy, Swiss secure email provider Proton Technologies AG has been compelled to defend itself after supplying authorities with the internet address of a French climate activist. 

ProtonMail, which was founded in 2014, is a privacy-focused email service that claims to provide safe email communication. The service provides end-to-end encryption as well as “Swiss privacy,” as the service is protected by strong Swiss privacy laws.

The problem is that IP addresses are not logged as part of ProtonMail’s privacy guarantee. Despite ProntonMail’s policy of not logging IP addresses, a ProtonMail user’s IP address wound itself in the hands of French authorities.

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