Ransomware Sabotages French IT Giant Network

Ransomware Sabotages

Sopra Steria recently got hit with a cyberattack that encrypted parts of its network on October 20 and has remained mostly tight-lipped on details. Sopra Steria, a French IT giant, was hit with a cyberattack this week to disrupt the firm’s business and is believed to be one of the threat actors behind Ryuk ransomware.

The firm revealed the cyber attack in a brief press statement released on October 22, two days post officials said the attack— which encrypted parts of the enterprise’s network—occurred.

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“A cyberattack has been detected on Sopra Steria’s IT network on the evening of October 20,” officials confirmed. “Security measures have been implemented in order to contain risks.” Sopra Steria has 46,000 employees in 25 countries and even has a cybersecurity arm that specializes in aiding customers to implement “reliable security and resiliency,” according to the website.