Security fixes launched by Cisco for VPN liabilities

Security Fixes

CISCO recently identified critical VPN vulnerabilities which could be manipulated for privilege escalation breaches and remote code deployment. A total of 34 liabilities were identified, out of which 5 were termed as critical. SigRed issued warnings especially for a critical 17-year-old bug tagged as CVE-2020-1350, as it can be used to hack Microsoft Windows Server architecture.

Cisco has released security fixes for CVE-2020-3330, CVE-2020-3323, CVE-2020-3144, CVE-2020-3331, and CVE-2020-3140, all with CVSS severity scores of 9.8. To counter this vulnerability list, Oracle, SAP, VMware, and Adobe have released their security updates as well.

Source: Zdnet