Truecaller Releases Monthly U.S. Spam & Scam Report


Truecaller has released its first Monthly U.S. Spam and Scam Report that highlights fraudulent call trends. The findings are about the different types of spam and scam calls users receive, which are mostly spam calls.

According to Truecaller, Americans receive an average of 2.1 billion spam calls per month, which is nearly six per person per month.

Every year, the number of spam and threat calls, including charity donations and fake deliveries, remains at a peak. By using AI, scammers now have access to many different tools to easily target victims and impersonate the voices of authority figures and government officials.

Scam calls with malicious intent make up the majority of all unwanted communication. The report found that the majority of scams in 2023 were related to credit card fraud and identity theft.

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