IDX Launches 2.0 Update to IDX Privacy’s Mobile App

IDX Launches 2.0 Update to IDX Privacy's Mobile App-01

Today, IDX, the leading privacy platform and data breach services provider, announced the 2.0 launch of the mobile app version of its award-winning product, IDX Privacy. The app, created to enable consumers to evaluate growing privacy risks on-the-go using any mobile device, tablet, or computer, has added both improved functionality and a refreshed interface.

With the 2.0 update, users will see new privacy protection features, previously limited to the IDX Privacy desktop product, added to the mobile app. These new mobile features are:

  • ForgetMe – an online data removal service that scans over 100 data broker websites to find an individual’s personal information profile, remove it, and continuously monitor its removal to prevent the information from being sold or shared.
  • SocialSentry – the first-ever social media privacy service designed specifically to protect consumers. SocialSentry scans the user’s linked social media profiles and network of social media connections for malicious content or links, account impersonations or takeovers, scams, fraud, and more. When SocialSentry finds fraudulent or inappropriate content that is associated with the user’s social profile, it immediately alerts the user and gives them instructions and resources to fix the problem. The user can request removal of the offending content, remove or hide malicious links, and even block users who post inappropriate content, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Private Search – powered by DuckDuckGo, this feature allows users to search the internet without being tracked by ad networks.

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“Privacy risks, present and future, don’t discriminate based on device or operating system,” said Christopher Semke, Director of Product Management at IDX. “Yet people who care about protecting their privacy are still forced to make trade-offs because there hasn’t been a solution available that provides consistent coverage across platforms. Today, we are one step closer to that goal with the release of the 2.0 version of the IDX Privacy mobile app, consumers no longer have to make these trade-offs when it comes to their privacy. Our new update builds upon our vision to provide enhanced privacy protections for everyone. We are excited to make this update available to all new and existing IDX Privacy users.”

In addition to the new features, IDX Privacy’s mobile app will also include a new look and feel, with interactive tiles on the app’s home screen that will provide real-time status, metrics, and actions to help focus attention to the areas that need it most. The IDX Privacy Score, a proprietary score that quantifies a person’s level of privacy risk, will also be easily accessible within each screen in the app.

“It’s important our app stays current with privacy trends and predictions. But we also want to equip users with the ability to understand their privacy risks and empower them to take action in the event of a fraud, scam, or hack. We are thrilled to deliver this enhanced on-the-go solution for user privacy,” said Tom Kelly, president and CEO of IDX.

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