Understanding the link between Russian threat actors and Lazarus APT

Lazarus APT

Lazarus APT, the North Korean state-sponsored cyber attackers group, is known to buying access into other threat group’s pre-hacked servers. Lately, connections have been uncovered between the North Korean group and threat actors’ native to Russia. TA505, TrickBot, and Dridex are cyber threat groups connected to Russian-speaking nefarious attackers that sell breached systems’ access on the Dark web to other attackers.

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The North Korean group has been known to use TrickBot’s codes in some of its attacks. The nefarious code is run as Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) that can then be accessed by the highest-tier malicious actors. CISA has issued alerts regarding hackers based in North Korea that may be working or contracting criminal groups like TA505 for initial access.

Source: Cyware