VMware Addresses Serious Code Execution Flaws

VMware Addresses Serious Code Execution Flaws

The industry leader in virtualization technology, VMware, released its first security bulletin for 2023 on Tuesday. This bulletin contains patches for a number of critical flaws that put businesses at risk of remote code execution attacks.

Users of VMware vRealize Log Insight are affected by security flaws, according to VMware, which an unauthenticated attacker could use to seize complete control of a target system. A virtual appliance from VMware called VRealize Log Insight is used by administrators to gather, view, manage, and analyze syslog data. The most critical of the four flaws, according to the company, has a CVSS severity score of 9.8 out of 10, making it even more urgent for organizations to implement the patches that are currently available.

Additionally, the company released fixes for a different deserialization flaw that puts users of vRealize Log Insight at risk of denial-of-service attacks.

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