WhiteSource Rebrands as Mend, Adds Automatic Code Remediation

WhiteSource Rebrands as Mend_ Adds Automatic Code Remediation

A company that specialises in application code security has expanded its services and changed its brand to better represent its expanded capabilities. With the inclusion of automatic code clean up to the newly called Mend Application Security Platform, WhiteSource has become Mend.

Mend, formerly known as WhiteSource, was best recognised for its work in safeguarding the Open Source Software (OSS) supply chain. It announced in February 2022 that it had discovered 1,300 malicious JavaScript packages in the npm registry. To complement its existing software composition analysis (SCA) open source functionality, it has built a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) capability in recent months.

It can now check both in-house developed code and OSS that has been imported. The inclusion of automated code remediation to its SAST function, as well as bringing everything together in the Mend Application Security Platform, is the main new feature.

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