3 New Insights on Hiring Cyber Security Experts

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3 New Insights on Hiring Cyber Security Experts

US Bureau of Labor predicts the demand for cybersecurity analysts will outpace all other roles during 2018-2028. It is time for enterprises to buck up, and stay ahead of hiring trends.

According to the recently published report of the U.S Bureau of Labor, a cybersecurity analyst role will outpace all other job roles in the IT industry. The role will likely grow at 32% during the 2018-2028 period.

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Moreover, hiring a cyber-expert is no cakewalk, to begin with. The U.S labor bureau reported that 2019 median pay for cybersecurity analysts averaged $99,730 per year or $47.95 per hour. These are important trends to watch out for large and small organizations alike. To stay ahead of the hiring trends, CISOs need to consider following the 3 ideas below.

Focusing on

Talent Acquisition across Industrial Verticals

According to a new report released by Kudelski Security, the average time hiring for CISOs can be anything between six months to a year. The lengthy period can incur significant costs both in acquisitions, and potential damages to cyberinfrastructure for companies. Hence, it is important for companies to consider recruitment across industry verticals. This would be ideal especially for companies that do not have a firm footing in the IT industry and require a high degree of cybersecurity.

Communication as a Skillset

Traditionally while seeking cybersecurity professionals, organizations often look for technically-skilled candidates. While this may seem natural to most non-technical professionals, CISOs require a high-level of communication skills in order to succeed in their job. In fact, all security professionals need constant input from product development teams among others, to succeed. This requires a candidate who can communicate effectively with other teams to proactively manage cybersecurity.

Nurturing Talent

Due to a shortage of talent for high-level cybersecurity professionals, organizations need to put in extra effort to nurture talent with cybersecurity professional skills. To garner the best skills, it is important for enterprises to put their brand requirements in university, schools, and create awareness among security professionals about the new and specific opportunities for expert skills that they will need soon. The good news on this front is, recruitment is getting considerably easier, thanks to a large influx of candidates through social media, and other recruitment portals. It is important for enterprises to be clear with their specifications for the role, and be active on the look-out for their cybersecurity needs.

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Additionally, there are also other ways to reduce operating expenditures related to network security. Network automation, Zero Trust Security solutions are also growing in deployment. Procedures like network automation can reduce menial task, and reduce the need for hiring non-essential hiring.

So, is your organization ready to take on the upcoming cybersecurity challenge?