Behavioral Analytics and Cybersecurity – Tracking Down the Undetectable Attack Vectors

Behavioral Analytics and Cybersecurity – Tracking Down the Undetectable Attack Vectors

To combat the undetectable malware and to hunt down the attack vendors – the
firm needs to hire experts with advanced skills who can think faster and in line with the attackers.

All behavioral analytics technology investments will be wasted if enterprises cannot even
identify suspicious behavior in real-time. Hackers can mimic the standard behavior of
the normal user and still compromise the user’s information. Behavior analytics can work if it detects any suspicious activities, but hackers can utilize different attack vectors to fool and fake behavior analytics. For instance, if a user is well connected to an open or public Wi-Fi, then hackers can easily hijack and inject specifically coded malware, using phishing, SQL-injections, or can even spread spyware into all devices that are connected to the public Wi-Fi.

There has been remarkable work on developing behavior analytics solutions related to the
improvement of cybersecurity defense measures for the last few years. Big establishments like Target and Amazon are leveraging behavior analytics actively. The reason is that cybercriminals have polished their skills, causing devastating damages from attacks like advanced social engineering, which can break the security of the traditional mechanisms.

Nowadays, hackers use highly sophisticated, brilliantly programmed malware that is able to
bypass the security systems without getting detected as malware. Intelligent behavior analytics has the capability of effectively analyzing the data and suspicious behaviors, and thus identify malicious programs and undetected malware missed by other significant security defense measures like firewalls and anti-virus solutions. But the development of behavior analytics solutions that is both efficient as well as intelligent can be a challenge.

Perfectly-designed cybersecurity behavior analytics solutions should focus on three major

Real-time: ingested data should be available real-time to resolve the query almost instantly
User-centric: it must be customized to answer the complex, user-centric queries
Scalability: it needs to effortlessly scale up to meet customers’ needs

Cybersecurity has become a priority across industries, and enterprises are leveraging
technologies with strategies to defend themselves from advanced and persistent threats. With the increasing number of malicious attacks and cyber threats, the need for more robust cybersecurity has only become more apparent and urgent.

Understanding the technologies and trends driving the future of cyber security is more critical than ever, and behavioral analytics solutions will play an ever-prominent role in
each organization’s security landscape.