Cybersecurity Is the Topmost Priority for IT Leaders Amid Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity Is the Topmost Priority for IT Leaders Amid Digital Transformation-01

Cybersecurity is the ultimate priority for the planned digital transformation projects with the increased remote working models worldwide.

With advanced technologies posing cutting-edge solutions to meet the challenges of unprecedented times, it is safe to assume that the digital transformation journey is here to stay. However, cybersecurity concerns remain.

As a result, security leaders are rethinking the cyber strategies – which is even more critical than the digital transformation process. Lately, more enterprises are operating remotely due to the pandemic, and cybersecurity is the primary technological priority for digital transformation initiatives.

Several IT leaders have indicated that they are adjusting to the ever-evolving working culture in a recent survey conducted by the DTX: NOW event organizers. It is critical, challenging for many organizations and IT leaders to overcome this by the end of next year.

As per the study, nearly 26% percent of professionals indicated cybersecurity as their primary importance on the planned projects. It was followed by the significance of cloud technology (about 21%), data analytics (15%), as well as network infrastructure (14%).

Similarly, a CrowdStrike study found more hands-on-keyboard disturbances in 2020 than the entirety of 2019. Even most IT leaders are using a complete digital culture for the new work culture era irrespective of the growing security challenges.

Many companies are implementing business processes automation and choosing the appropriate cloud strategy for their operations in this context. The significant barriers to digital transformation plans (on budget and time) reflect the progressing business dynamics highly intensified by this unprecedented era.

The most common complications to DX projects are reduced budgets, changing scope, and fluctuating team structure – as per the industry experts. Hence, businesses are investing a lot to protect data and other critical assets – since the criticality of cybersecurity has increased with time.

As explained by James McGough, MD at Imago Techmedia in the DTX: NOW study – “Ensuring the vast majority of employees could work from home practically overnight has exposed issues with IT strategy, and modernizing the core tech stack has become an immediate priority for just about every organization.”

Indeed, most organizations have directed that business areas like cybersecurity measures, network infrastructure, and cloud strategy require faster adaptation for a scattered workforce.

The swelling digital transformation projects are only going to push the cybersecurity threats up. As a result, IT needs have to be put into practice at starting the transformation journey design. Organizations with comprehensive data on security instances can integrate AI, analytics, ML, and algorithms to resolve any real-time risks.

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