Key Steps to Choosing the Right SOAR solution for the Business

Key Steps to Choosing the Right SOAR solution for the Business

Investing in an efficient SOAR security tool is the need of the hour, especially with cyber incidents happening on a daily basis. SOAR platforms empower companies with a centralized system that collects incident data and formulates a response plan to proactively and efficiently deal with the hostile cybersecurity landscape.

The digital attack surface continues to broaden due to an amalgamation of new digital innovations and evolving threats. Many companies add security capabilities to address these new challenges, unintentionally adding complexity in an attempt to keep up. This increased security complexity aggravates their current reality – too many alerts to investigate, vendors to manage, manual processes to follow, consoles to monitor, and a shortage of skilled staff to address expanding workloads.

Today, security analysts everywhere are too overwhelmed with the sheer number of security alerts they face every day. Increasingly fragmented and complex security infrastructures are often the culprit.

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Importance of Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Businesses need to arm their SecOps teams with a customizable framework like SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) to streamline recurring functions across their security tools and teams. This will eliminate alert fatigue, and the resulting efficiency will allow SecOps teams to optimize their security processes.

The best SOAR solutions contextualize threat data to help security teams quickly triage cases as per the severity of the risk, criticality of the business functions, and sensitivity of the data under threat. SOAR security platforms, when combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, can help organizations effectively address security incidents.

Selecting the Right SOAR Solution

Lately, there has been an increasing demand for SOAR products and a drastic rise in the number of SOAR vendors promising unbreakable cybersecurity frameworks. Organizations should choose a SOAR cybersecurity platform that provides them with a solution that is best suited for their cybersecurity framework. Therefore security heads and CISOs should conduct thorough research, evaluate the tools before signing a deal with SOAR vendors.

Integration with Existing Cybersecurity Interface

SOAR products should be able to integrate efficiently with the current cybersecurity posture. On average, the security operations team of an organization uses more than ten tools to maintain its security framework.

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Therefore, proper integration of the newly incorporated SOAR platforms is crucial to maintaining a multi-directional flow of information needed to mitigate security incidents with ease and efficiency.

Enabling Dual-Action

One of the biggest concerns of enterprise security is the increasing alert fatigue among security professionals. Mundane, repetitive tasks can demotivate even the most skilled security analysts. The best way to address this issue is to automate tedious processes and let security experts focus on crucial tasks that require human intervention. Therefore SOAR platforms should allow both human and automated actions to take place simultaneously.

The Price-to-Feature Ratio

Businesses should look for SOAR products that are affordable and come with no hidden costs. The vendor should give all the details regarding charges related to configuration, deployment, and maintenance of the product.

Businesses should accurately evaluate which features they need and the ones they can do without. Also, the SOAR tools they buy should be flexible with options for them to select the best features as per their budget.

Tracking and Reporting Features

Cyber-attacks can take place anywhere and at any time. Quite often, it is impossible for systems and analysts to predict threats before they occur. It is crucial for the SOAR cybersecurity platform to track and manage real-time functions for better detection and prediction capabilities.

It can help security analysts to carefully examine reports, the time taken to respond to incidents, and successfully mitigate security threats. This will empower security analysts to create well-devised plans in the future for the improvement of enterprise cybersecurity.

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