Technology and Automation Solutions – Must-have for Enterprises In 2020

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Technology and Automation Solutions - Must-have for Enterprises In 2020 ITSW

In this year, enterprises are going to experience significant advances with artificial intelligence, automation, and security transformation.

Risks Associated with Transparency of AI Models

Businesses had already implemented robotics decades ago and today, are increasingly adopting more automation tools to tackle business challenges. With new technology adoption, B2B enterprises are expecting to reach new heights in 2020 and beyond.

As per the experts from IDG TECH (talk) Twitter chat, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will improve cyber-security, and Blockchain is expected to mature. The insights also revealed that Edge computing would reach higher adoption rates. AI-supported by automation has created a revolution and is driving enhanced business opportunities globally.

Many tech companies are looking forward to integrating AI and AL in cyber-security, in collaboration with technology, telepresence, and production quality. According to a recent Twitter poll conducted by Computerworld on technology trends for 2020 found that 43.9% of people are looking for AI-enhanced cyber-security. This should be obvious, considering the increasing number of cyber-security incidents in the past years. Last year, about 5.3 billion records were exposed via data breach incidents worldwide. Hence, companies are using artificial intelligence to detect threats and other malicious cyber-attacks. According to Schott Schober, a cyber-security expert and author said, “I am excited to see AI and ML being used more fully in the world of cyber. Much of this will initially be offered as a service.”

How Bots Are Altering the Future of Enterprise

Similarly, usage of Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rising rapidly along with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Edge Computing. Moin Shaikh, a senior web analyst at Intelligent Online Solutions Pty. Ltd., mentioned, “OEMs and manufacturers have started harnessing the power of RPA and AI to improve product quality and fasten production cycle…Logistics is another area where IIoT robotics are helping.”

Also, many businesses are investing in computing and networking at the Edge, which includes hyper-converged infrastructure and IoT gateways. In 2020 and beyond, more companies will follow the same route. Joanne Friedman, an IT expert and CEO at ConneKted Mind said, “I’m looking forward to enterprises adopting edge as a means to absorb real-time/situational or contextual data from robotics, IIoT, or customers (IoT) to improve the accuracy and quality of insights used to inform their decisions…”

Retailers Pushing Digital Commerce Goals

Organizations are increasingly adopting AI and automation tools to reshape the future of business operations. The implementation of advanced tech tools promises massive benefits for businesses, as they are resulting in optimization, cost savings, improved efficiency, and productivity.