The Great Resignation in Cybersecurity Industry

The Great Resignation in Cybersecurity Industry
The Great Resignation in Cybersecurity Industry

Enterprises throughout the world are observing a substantial departure of personnel in what is now known as the Great Resignation. It is evident that the cybersecurity sector is not immune to this issue, given the large number of security experts who are considering leaving their positions.

One field that has historically had severe worker shortages is cybersecurity. Organizations now have few alternatives as a result of the tsunami of professional and trained worker resignations. This has sparked discussion about the situation’s potential causes and solutions.

The potential of being replaced by AI, underpaying employees, having to complete excessively repetitive jobs, and exhaustion are a few of the hypothesized causes for these resignations. 

According to a  Voice of SecOps 2022 report, nearly half (45% ) of cybersecurity experts have thought about leaving the industry because of stress, with the main problems being the constant danger of ransomware and the need to be ready or on call at all times.

The “Great Resignation” and the worldwide pandemic 

Due to the global pandemic, many people were compelled to work remotely, sometimes utilizing outdated or insecure equipment and networks, which created the ideal conditions for cybercrime. Business survival, not business as standard, was the rule of the day. Thus it was necessary to create procedures rapidly that would enable enterprises to continue operating and serving their clientele.

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As a result of more individuals working remotely, phishing schemes and efforts to hack into networks have inevitably escalated. The pandemic did not stop cybercriminals from operating.

The reality is that cybersecurity is still not completely understood by most firms and most C-suites, and may not be as respected as the CTO or CIO, despite the fact that stress levels in the boardroom usually continue to climb. Without a thorough awareness of security or privacy issues, strategic and tactical actions might cause additional challenges and problems for the CISO.

People will surely start looking elsewhere if they don’t feel respected or valued. Additionally, people are no longer bound to their geographical region since businesses increasingly provide remote positions. The COVID-19 outbreak has created a world of opportunities for everyone and every business that is prepared to rethink how they operate, not just for hackers. The options this creates for CISOs and their staff are virtually endless.

Are people the weakest link in cybersecurity, or are they the most vital asset?

The prevailing belief in the sector is that people are cybersecurity’s weakest link. In fact, people are the most valuable resource because of how inventive they are.

For instance, professional penetration testers, often known as ethical hackers or pen testers, are one of the most in-demand personnel in cybersecurity. Pen testers sometimes lament that despite signing up for pen testing, they wind up spending more time producing reports than performing pen testing. They are trying to shift their line of employment as a result.

The flood of resignations the sector has experienced is being caused by work exhaustion and job discontentment. Many of the repetitive aspects of report writing may be handled considerably more effectively with a technology-based methodology, such as pen testing as a service. Pen testers and clients benefit equally as a result since the extra time the human employee now has available can be used to find significant security problems.

Enterprises frequently consider changing their operational and business models, but they seldom ever concentrate on employee transformation models, retraining them, or offering them counseling. After the initial onslaught of the pandemic, when reason triumphed over the prevailing attitude, the imaginary water overflowed the edge. Mass-scale resignations resulted from that and the opening up of a worldwide, boundary less market and prospects.

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