Haven Cyber Technologies and Cassava Technologies Introduces a Matrix of Cyber Security Fusion Centres Across Six Countries in Africa

Haven Cyber Technologies and Cassava Technologies Introduces a Matrix of Cyber Security Fusion Centres Across Six Countries in Africa
Haven Cyber Technologies and Cassava Technologies Introduces a Matrix of Cyber Security Fusion Centres Across Six Countries in Africa

ITC Secure (ITC), a Haven Cyber Technologies (Haven) company and a portfolio company of C5 Capital, and Liquid Cyber Security, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African Technology Group, announced a matrix of six new Cyber Security Fusion Centres across Africa with the first being opened today in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The new matrix of Fusion Centres will provide 24/7 managed cyber security detection and response services to African enterprises to help protect them from rampant and rising cybercrime. In addition, Haven and Liquid Cyber Security will train 2,000 new cyber security professionals with a 50/50 gender distribution as part of building the capacity of the cyber security community across Africa. The training will be in partnership with leading universities and centres, including Haven’s own Cyber Academy.

The Strength of Collective Security

This launch follows the announcement in December 2021 when ITC and Cassava Technologies entered a joint venture to expand industry-leading security operations and Microsoft cloud security expertise in Africa. Earlier this week, Cassava Technologies announced a $50m strategic investment from C5 Capital to accelerate digital transformation across Africa.

André Pienaar, Founder of C5 Capital and Executive Chairman of Haven Cyber Technologies, said: “Africa’s digital future is bright. Cassava Technologies is again leading the build out of Africa’s critical digital infrastructure and transformation with the matrix of Cyber Security Fusion Centres. We are delighted to be strategic partners to build the cyber security community across Africa to protect cities, enterprises, and communities.”

Hardy Pemhiwa, President of Cassava Technologies, said: “The launch of the matrix of Cyber Security Fusion Centres will facilitate both collaborative and intelligence-driven security functions to drive proactive responses and faster response times. As a business, we are working towards creating a digitally connected Africa that leaves no one behind, and through these Fusion Centres, we are ensuring that our future is secure”.

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Powered by Microsoft

This launch demonstrates the impact of two Microsoft Gold Security partners working together to launch innovative security solutions built on Microsoft’s technology. Following a phased approach, customers can expect to benefit from new services that leverage Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel – all delivered and monitored 24x7x365.

The fusion of technologies and advanced services will provide customers with world-class monitoring and cyber defence capabilities. The Microsoft Defender suite of products enables advanced protection against threats and these feed signals into the Microsoft Sentinel SIEM/SOAR solution. The native integration and platform-wide visibility enables efficient and effective response to any events with built-in automation.

Jon Hamlet, Security Specialist Manager at Microsoft South Africa, said: “Microsoft’s vision is to protect our customers across their choice of platforms, clouds, and devices – and provide a truly end-to-end, multi-cloud solution that brings together security, compliance, identity and management. We work with partners, like Liquid Cyber Security and Haven, to help us build a good offense and play good defence against attackers. We already analyse over eight trillion signals for potential malicious activity and, through the Cyber Security Fusion Centres, our partners will expand and strengthen this capability on the African continent.”

Unified Security

The launch of the Cyber Security Fusion Centres signifies a commitment to bringing world-class services to local businesses and provides an integrated approach to threat detection, protection, intelligence, response and more.

Arno Robbertse, Chief Executive of ITC Secure, said: “We are adapting Haven’s Security Operations Centre model from Sweden and the UK specifically for the cyber threats that African enterprises are facing. This combined with Liquid Cyber Security’s extensive access to local talent will enable rapid delivery of security services across the continent and marks the next step towards building Africa’s digital future.”

“The new Cyber Fusion Centre matrix will provide the cybercommunity in Africa with cutting edge innovation and support and protect the economic growth of African economies,” concluded Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of ITC Secure US.

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