Top Four Ways How Enterprises Can Gain Visibility into their Cloud Spend

Top Four Ways How Enterprises Can Gain Visibility into their Cloud-01

According to Virtana’s “The State of Hybrid Cloud and FinOps” report from 2021, 86 percent of respondents can’t get a global view of cloud costs within minutes and 40 percent can’t get it within hours, causing delays and potentially lowering agility. Limited visibility across the hybrid cloud infrastructure inhibits their ability to optimize value, generates inefficiencies, and wastes time, according to 71% of respondents.

While many businesses have reaped significant benefits from shifting to the cloud, there are some concerns about rising cloud-related costs. It is relatively easier for departments to immediately put up a server or employ a SaaS-based service because cloud-related services are available on a pay-per-use basis.

Organizations need solutions that provide cloud spending reports and projections by team and project so that they are informed of their cloud resource investments. These technologies should also assist teams in identifying drains on cloud budgets.

Cost visibility enables businesses to calculate the true cost of various efforts in order to ensure accurate attribution and bookkeeping. By establishing tagging policies that include compulsory flags for tag keys and regular expression validation for tag key values, cloud cost management solutions can help enhance tag hygiene by identifying and resolving prior inconsistencies.

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Enterprises can use tags to categorize resources in a variety of ways, with the hierarchy of tags matching the business demands. They can construct a prototype cost analysis, assess the budget at the team and project level, and estimate the cost of a full deployment once the resources have been tagged.

Consolidate cloud accounts for complete visibility

Most companies use several cloud providers and services for anything from website hosting to communication solutions. Consolidated cloud cost reporting improves visibility across all accounts, allowing businesses to understand their entire cloud portfolio in one place.

Companies can better understand their cloud bills and identify areas that need tweaking by accessing information about total cost and usage in a single location instead of a piecemeal approach.

Invest in a cloud financial management solution.

The majority of cloud providers have native cloud cost management solutions that can help small environments. However, when environments grow in size and complexity, many businesses struggle to keep track of their cloud spending, as invoices become lengthy documents with complicated usage files.

Investing in a cloud financial management solutions and incorporating technologies like – budget management, trend analysis, tagging methods, detailed dashboards, invoice verification and reporting – can provide visibility into complex cloud expenses.

Business units can manage resources more effectively and responsibly with more insight, making informed purchasing decisions to avoid wasting money and limiting over-consumption.

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Be prepared for the unexpected

The combination of vigilance and cost visibility minimizes sticker shock at the end of the month or unintended runaway procedures that build up unexpected expenditures. Engineers should use a machine learning-based runaway cost detection process that finds cost anomalies and sends alerts to the team about unusual expenditures and provides instant cost visibility.

Companies can avoid wasting engineering time searching through all of this data by tracking complex architectures and reporting directly to the people who generate the costs.

Everything begins with directly disclosing cloud expenses to the owner of each resource and anyone else who needs the information. Businesses have regulated cloud costs by putting finance and engineering teams closer together, as well as keeping cloud-platform officials informed about the company’s predictions. Cloud cost visibility, however, isn’t just about what information is available; it’s also about how quickly and easily the right information can be accessed at the right moment.

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