Why Cross-Silo Collaboration Efforts Are Critical to Strengthening Cybersecurity

Why Cross-Silo Collaboration Efforts Are Critical to Strengthening Cybersecurity

Even the most security-aware companies can’t afford to take on things alone because of the relentless threats they face, and the extreme complexity of cybersecurity. Despite the constantly changing compliance and cybersecurity landscape, many companies find it challenging to keep up. That’s why collaboration is critical both within and outside to mitigate risk, address vulnerabilities, and achieve compliance.

Security is a crucial performance indicator along with the usual KPIs of performance, reliability, and availability. In this interconnected world, it is critical to provide threat detection capabilities and visibility across the multivendor and virtualized network and service infrastructures.

Cybercrime has reached record heights recently, with cybercriminals discovering and exploiting new vulnerabilities and wreaking havoc on firewalls, VPN networks, and cloud-based technologies used by remote employees. Attackers can halt operations, which can cause financial losses and damage a company’s reputation by stopping authorized users from accessing networks.

The Threat Landscape

By weaponizing undiscovered attack vectors, targeting Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and exploiting mobile hotspots, threat actors are rapidly exploring innovative ways to infiltrate networks. As a result, businesses are concerned about the frequency and complexity of cybercrime threats. They need unrivaled visibility and insight into the evolving threat landscape to respond effectively to the attacks.

As if the challenges of 2020 weren’t enough, it also saw a rise in ransomware, malware, and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. It’s a death knell when companies can’t access mission-critical systems or data remotely.

New cyber-attack threats have emerged as businesses become more reliant on cloud and network architectures. Security Operations (SecOps) and Network Operations (NetOps) teams must break out of their silos and collaborate to confront this real and immediate risk. Cross-silo collaboration is becoming more vital as enterprises adopt public and private cloud architecture and software-defined data centers.

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Network and Security Collaboration is Key

Protecting the cyber-connected world of devices and networks against the growing number of threats is crucial. Threats should be continuously detected, validated, investigated, and responded to by security teams. Security, however, is a strategic focus for network teams. Even before network visibility, service quality, and end-user experience, a reduction in security risk is one of network teams’ most important measures of success. It’s also critical that security and network teams collaborate to evaluate whether a cyber-attack or performance issue is the cause of an IT service disruption. Furthermore, cross-team communication will increase cost and operational efficiency, lower overall risks, and accelerate the resolution of security issues.

IT leaders can inspire better collaboration by providing a transformative security perspective across operations and infrastructure. This involves a data repository that both network and security teams can access, a toolset that enables collaborative workflows, and policies, laws, and best practices written to establish cross-team collaboration.

This initiative will lay the groundwork for developing and implementing a solid cybersecurity policy to safeguard what has become the new gold for any company: its data.

Involving All Stakeholders

Cybercrime has become a multibillion-dollar market, and threat actors will continue to explore new ways to launch sophisticated attacks. Only a collaborative effort encompassing all connected device manufacturers, internet community stakeholders, internet service providers, government agencies, network equipment manufacturers, cloud providers, businesses, integrators, and the cybersecurity industry will succeed in making the internet cyberspace a safer place for all.

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