1-800 Notify and Bluefin Announce Partnership for Automated Healthcare Patient Phone Payments through Bluefin’s PayConex™ Gateway

1-800 Notify and Bluefin Announce Partnership for Automated Healthcare Patient Phone Payments through Bluefin's PayConex™ Gateway

The partnership will allow leading healthcare organizations utilizing PayConex and Bluefin’s Epic integration to seamlessly adopt 1-800 Notify’s services

Bluefin, the leader in encryption and tokenization payment and data security, and 1-800 Notify, the premier platform for HIPAA-compliant, automated phone payments (IVR), appointment reminders, billing reminders and notifications, have partnered to provide 1-800 Notify’s services through Bluefin’s PayConex™ gateway and Epic integration to leading healthcare organizations.

“Manually accepting a patient payment over the phone ties up already busy staff members, reducing their time to spend on more important and complicated patient requests,” said Martin Trautschold, Chief Executive Officer of 1-800 Notify. “We created the 1-800 Notify IVR  Autopay by Phone system to seamlessly automate this task. Not only is the automated system 75% less expensive than a staff member, it is available 400% more time every week to accept patient calls 24/7, allowing patients to make payments on their schedule.”

“What’s even better is that with our Epic integration, patient balances are pulled directly from Epic, and payments are posted to Epic in real-time, further reducing staff workload and increasing patient satisfaction,” added Mr. Trautschold.

Bluefin provides payment and data security technologies through the company’s PayConex gateway, including PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for the protection of point-of-sale (POS) card data and ShieldConex® for the tokenization of online card data, PII and PHI.

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Bluefin is also integrated with Epic for payments and P2PE, enabling a secure payment experience for healthcare organizations utilizing the Epic platform. The 1-800 Notify solution also provides a seamless integration with Epic, enabling Bluefin’s clients to get integrated payments, P2PE and the 1-800 Notify service directly through PayConex and the PayConex/Epic integration.

“Partnering with 1-800 Notify provides our healthcare clients a huge value-added service for HIPAA and PCI-compliant patient payments and communications,” said Greg Cornwell, Chief Revenue Officer, Bluefin. “Automating manual work and allowing patients to pay in a contactless remote manner are more important than ever because of the current pandemic, as much of the communication with patients has gone virtual. And the fact that 1-800 Notify is integrated with Epic means that our clients utilizing Blueifn’s PayConex/Epic integration can easily adopt this service through their current integration.”

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“We are very excited to partner with the industry-leading Bluefin PayConex platform and look forward to bringing the time-saving benefits of our industry-leading IVR Autopay by Phone system to more Bluefin clients in the future,” added Mr. Trautschold.

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