AB Staffing Solutions, LLC Provides Notice Of Data Privacy Event

AB Staffing Solutions_ LLC Provides Notice Of Data Privacy Event

AB Staffing Solutions, LLC (“AB Staffing”) provides notice of a recent incident that may impact the security of information related to current and former professionals placed by AB Staffing.  The confidentiality, privacy, and security of information in AB Staffing’s care is one of our highest priorities and we take this incident very seriously.  To date, AB Staffing has not received any reports of actual or attempted misuse of affected information.

What Happened? AB Staffing discovered suspicious activity related to certain AB Staffing employee email accounts. Upon learning of this activity, AB Staffing took steps to secure the accounts and began an investigation, which included working with third-party forensic investigators, to determine the nature and scope of the activity.  Through this investigation, AB Staffing determined that an unknown actor gained unauthorized access to certain AB Staffing employee email accounts on separate occasions in May and June 2020.  During this limited timeframe, the unauthorized actor may have had access to certain emails and attachments within the accounts.

What Information Was Involved?  While the investigation was able to determine certain email accounts were accessed, it was unable to determine whether any specific email or attachment was actually accessed by the unauthorized actor.  Therefore, in an abundance of caution,  on or about October 13, 2020, AB Staffing, with the assistance of third-party forensic investigators, completed an extensive, programmatic, and manual review of the contents of the impacted email accounts to determine the types of protected information contained in the email accounts and to which individuals the information relates.  Upon completion of this review, AB Staffing immediately launched a review of its files to ascertain address information for the impacted individuals.  This review confirmed that information related to certain current and former professionals placed by AB Staffing was present in one of the email accounts at the time of this incident.  This information includes name, date of birth, address, Social Security, driver’s license/government identification number, passport number, financial account information, medical history/treatment information, insurance information, electronic signature, tax identification number, and/or username and password.

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What We Are Doing.  Upon discovering this incident, AB Staffing reset the relevant account passwords and took steps to determine what personal data was at risk.  AB Staffing is individually notifying the potentially affected individuals and as an added precaution, is providing individuals with access to complimentary credit monitoring and identity protection services.  As part of its ongoing commitment to the security of personal information in its care, AB Staffing is working to review existing policies and procedures, to implement additional safeguards, and to provide additional training to employees on data privacy and security. AB Staffing will also be notifying state regulators, as required.

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