CyGlass and Redington Join Forces to Address Growing Cybersecurity Market in India

CyGlass and Redington

Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS) specialist and established technology distributor form strategic partnership

CyGlass, a SaaS AI-driven network threat detection solution, and Redington, India’s pre-eminent technology distributor, have formed a strategic partnership in response to India’s growing demand for cyber security services. CyGlass Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS) will give SMB, mid-market and enterprise customers in India cloud-based protection from attacks across their network, with automated anomaly detection and response for immediate defense.

India’s cyber security market is expected to grow from USD 1.97 billion in 2019 to USD 3.05 billion by 2022, a compound annual growth rate that is almost one a half times the global rate, according to PWC[1]. This growth is attributed to an increasingly digital lifestyle and corresponding data consumption due to the growing literacy rate, which has caused an expanded surface area of attack. Cyber attacks are also increasing in rate and sophistication, and there are a growing number of regulations, directives, and guidelines that enterprises must conform to.

Value-added distributor, Redington, will enable CyGlass to help secure this increasingly vulnerable market by incorporating network traffic analysis (NTA) into its cloud security and managed service offerings. The partnership extends Redington’s security capabilities by leveraging CyGlass’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and analytics to offer solutions and services that will help partners solve the increasing security issues faced by organizations in the Indian market when securing critical assets and data. It allows these customers to move away from signatures or rule-based security products that are not only ineffective but leave organizations more exposed and inundated with false positives to the extent that they struggle to identify or block the threat.

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The CyGlass NDaaS solution offers:

  • Automatic identification of assets on your network and prioritization of layered security zones
  • SmartAlerts and prioritized event notifications on suspicious network activity
  • Visibility of the network threat landscape and fast response to malicious insiders or motivated attackers
  • Network anomaly detection with proven scalable AI that continuously learns while monitoring network activity without additional hardware, software, or people
  • Comprehensive reports on threats, assets and network behavior
  • The ability to block attacks at the firewall level and disable a user for unusual behavior

R. Venkatesh, President, Enterprise Business Group at Redington said: “We are constantly looking out for innovative solutions to protect end-user technology portfolios and CyGlass’ AI-based platform gives our security teams enhanced, real-time threat visibility from its machine learning and smart automation capabilities. In addition, the fast installation with no need for additional hardware or software, means that our partners are enabled to protect networks and digital assets faster than ever before.”

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Ed Jackowiak, CEO of CyGlass said: “The evolution of the Indian market has made cyber security an increasing priority for organisations in the region. Corporate network architectures are especially vulnerable as traditional security products can no longer scale and security teams don’t have enough manpower to triage and respond to the number of security incidents. To survive the modern, sophisticated attacker, companies need AI to accelerate their cyber response with actionable intelligence and automated blocking. Only then will organizations be able to keep their critical IT assets and networks secure.”