Agari Fall ’20 Release Liberates Business-Critical Emails Trapped in Quarantine


CISO organizations critical in fostering legitimate commerce; reduce business partners’ anxiety over blocked emails

Agari, the market share leader in phishing defense solutions for the enterprise, announced today new features rolling out in its Fall ’20 Release. Features shipping with this season solve twin challenges CISO organizations continue to struggle with: understanding the risks associated with their own domains and the ability to customize risk-scoring in real-time.

“This important release empowers the CISO to be an even better business partner to their internal stakeholders by ensuring those not-to-be-missed emails get delivered to the inbox,” said Ramon Peypoch, Chief Product Officer, Agari. “No CISO wants to spend time dealing with the uncomfortable scenario of false-positive messages that are mischaracterized as malicious. The new capabilities we’re delivering help solve this ever-present challenge so customers can make science-based decisions with confidence.”

Agari Fall ’20 Release highlights include:

Agari Brand Protection™: Inbound DMARC provides the CISO organization with enhanced RUA visibility giving them increased confidence that important email sent from their own domains to internal addresses, including third-party SaaS services, are delivered to employee inboxes.

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Agari Phishing Defense™: With scoring adjustments features, customers are empowered to locally tailor email risk scoring immediately, reducing false positives and making phishing defense more effective than ever, giving confidence that business-critical messages are delivered.

Agari Phishing Response™: Agari customers are now able to tag investigations with custom-defined attack classifications. By customizing attacks to customers’ specific threat taxonomy, customers can deliver more transparency into their company, faster.

Agari Active Defense™: New global BEC insights and analysis adds critical context to the customer-specific threat intelligence realized from direct engagement with cybercriminals targeting an organization. These data and insights allow customers to better anticipate and prepare for the BEC attacks against their business.

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“The Agari Fall ’20 Release provides our customers with more knowledge and detailed insights into email messaging risk than has ever been possible,” said Armen L. Najarian, Chief Identity Officer, Agari. “And that’s powerful because the CISO organization needs a modern phishing defense solution that is rooted in understanding sender identity to protect the workforce from vicious email impersonation attacks.”