Securus Technologies Introduces the “Unity Platform,” a Fully Customizable Tablet Program that Provides Access to Critical Content for all Corrections Environments

Securus Technologies

The organization combined the best elements of classic JPay and Securus platforms to provide one, comprehensive software program that can integrate into any correctional facility

Securus Technologies today introduced the organization’s newest digital offering to the corrections industry, the Securus Unity Platform. As the pioneers of tablet technology, Securus leveraged the organization’s nearly ten-years of tablet knowledge and practical in-facility experience to build a software platform that can be customized to operate in any correctional environment. The comprehensive software is only available on the new JP6S tablet and services are delivered completely wirelessly. Additionally, a significant benefit of the Securus Unity Platform is providing access to critical content such as free education and re-entry resources to all incarcerated individuals where the software is available.

The Securus Unity tablet software enables incarcerated individuals to more directly engage in their own educational, vocational, health and communication development and minimizes dependence on the availability of in-person resources.  In a facility environment that has nonstop activity, providing solutions that improve efficiency and maintain security are a top priority.  The Securus Unity Platform was built to make it simple for facility staff to administer and manage tablet usage with the ability to regulate and message individual users, the entire population, or a segmented group of individuals. With built-in wireless capabilities, the JP6S delivers the Securus Unity Platform wirelessly, removing the need for kiosks which eliminates burdens such as long lines to sync tablets for upgrades or send and receive communications.  The comprehensive platform comes equipped with the full suite of Securus applications and each facility determines the applications they would like to offer their population.

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The Securus Unity Platform can operate on different delivery models through the JP6S devices to accommodate the various needs of prison and jail facilities.  For example, the Community Tablet model makes devices available for daily use to the entire population with free access to critical content such as educational programming, re-entry resources, addiction recovery services and more applications built to prepare individuals for success upon release. There are no charges for access time, tablet usage, ebooks, podcasts or educational resources.  Individuals can subscribe to a MakeMine account, which is a monthly subscription model that creates access to paid applications on the JP6S devices such as media, e-messaging and phone-on-tablet on any Community device.  Facilities can also offer a Personal Tablet model, providing each incarcerated individual with their own device to access the same free critical content as well as paid applications.  The device hardware is returned to the facility once the individual is released and is automatically converted back to a Community Tablet. Facility staff operate the Command and Control Officer Tablets to help manage and control usage, deploy information and other security features to help increase safety.

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“We are the most experienced tablet technology provider in corrections with nearly a decade of knowledge and learnings from introducing new programs, customizing solutions, advancing security measures and accessing invaluable user feedback.  We used all of it to build the Securus Unity Platform,” said Dave Abel, President and CEO of Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies. “The platform is smart, empowers incarcerated users with access to features and services they want and creates efficiencies for our customers. We are committed to investing in the incarcerated community and proud of the work that went into this level of innovation.”

Availability of the Securus Unity Platform varies by agency.