AirCUVE Releases Two-Factor Authentication in Cyber Security and WiFi Security Solution

Two-Factor Authentication in Cyber Security

AirCUVE, the leading two-factor authentication security software development company, recently released an advanced Two-factor Authentication Solution, V-FRONT 7, that can strengthen the authentication process when accessing the system. V-FRONT is for “Easy to Use for Users” and “Easy to Manage for Administrators“. It provides a consolidated management UI menu and dynamic authentication token such as a fingerprint token, Yubikey, QR code, app based PUSH token, OTP via SMS or e-mail or mobile OTP. Due to the pandemic most enterprises need more secured network access. This new platform, V-FRONT 7, will give customers the benefit of intelligent policy management.

AirCUVE is holding a series of informative webinars – “Two Steps forward to security via AirCUVE 2FA” introducing Authentication as a cybersecurity solution that can help cyber security risks. It started on September 15th, lasting until October 20th and will include a total of 6 webinars inviting major industries of enterprise, banks, school, government, and hospitals.

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“AirCUVE continues to launch intelligent 2FA solution for wired/wireless network, financial transactions, Virtual Private Networks, VDI, and web portals,” said Executive Vice President GS AHN of AirCUVE. He also added, “AirCUVE is expanding the business in Southeast Asian, Japan, the Middle East and African markets as well.”

Companies are prepared for the new business environment. It is no longer secure to conduct identity authentication with an ID/Password; 2FA authentication is highly necessary.

Furthermore, most companies are shifting toward a wireless network environment. The problem is that WiFi networks are not as secure. AirCUVE provides a consolidated WiFi network access authentication platform, “AirFRONT”, which is a highly effective security management tool.

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AirCUVE specializes multi-factor authentication (MFA) and developed over 1050 references across the world over the past 18 years. AirCUVE’s clients include businesses in AsiaJapan, US, including the DBP bank, Security Bank in Philippines, China Trust Bank, Eastern Telecom, Philippine Airlines, Saudara Bank Indonesia, LINE SNS in Japan, LG Display, SK Telco in Korea and Samsung Semiconductor in the US and more. As the demand for two-factor authentication increases each year, AirCUVE is leading this authentication industry worldwide.