Altitude Networks Announces Microsoft 365 integration for SharePoint and OneDrive providing Cloud Data Protection and Rapid Risks Remediation

Altitude Networks Announces Microsoft 365 integration for SharePoint and OneDrive providing Cloud Data Protection and Rapid Risks Remediation-01

Altitude Networks, the leading provider of Cloud DLP for collaboration platforms, announces full integration with Microsoft 365 applications, SharePoint, and OneDrive productivity and collaboration tools. Altitude Networks’ integration will make security and IT teams managing Microsoft environments faster and more effective in protecting their collaboration data from malicious insiders, ransomware and negligent/accidental sharing.

In today’s cloud connected environment where data security is paramount, cloud-based data collaboration is inadequately protected from internal and external threats in a timely manner. Other Cloud-based DLP solutions do not provide depth of visibility into threats or make it difficult for administrators to resolve threats. Traditional DLP products have been ineffective in identifying file-based threats in cloud collaboration systems and required huge time investments for tuning, tagging of data, and management.

With this integration Altitude Networks provides visibility and protection including a one-click risk remediation option across Microsoft 365 Sharepoint and OneDrive. Combined with Altitude Networks’ existing protection of Google Workspace (G Suite), this full integration capability will consolidate, simplify and bolster enterprise data loss prevention for organizations from SMB to Fortune 1000. With over 30%of Microsoft 365 customers also using Google Workspace, Altitude Networks not only provides a single window into file access and behavior threats across both platforms, but also fast threat resolution as well.

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“Managing file collaboration in large or small Microsoft cloud environments can overwhelm even the savviest of IT security teams. Today, with the Altitude Networks Microsoft 365 integration, security teams regain fast visibility and control over their critical cloud collaboration data. The simple, fast integration will be able to secure their Microsoft and Google environments as one and provide confidence in their protection against malicious insiders, accidental/negligent sharing and malicious cloud apps,” says Michael Coates, CEO of Altitude Networks.

Altitude Networks’ intelligent risk analysis engine automatically identifies sensitive files that are being shared in specific high-risk scenarios. Examples of these risky scenarios are:

  • Critical files shared to personal accounts of employees that gives backdoor access after departure
  • Sensitive files exposed to the entire Internet
  • Accidental employee oversharing of critical data within the company
  • Connecting files to malicious cloud applications which have 24×7 access to the files
  • Behavioral anomalies such as sudden bursts of file download activity

The solution provided by Altitude Networks is especially important today, in light of the shift to work from home and the subsequent boom of cloud collaboration tools, an environment that exacerbated the gap of data security in the cloud. Some situations where Altitude Networks can help are:

  • Cloud data protection during employee and contractor offboarding
  • Data breach protection through proactive discovery of cloud files at risk to unauthorized access
  • Unauthorized cloud data exfiltration by OAuth-ed or rogue applications

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