AMSYS Security is On High Alert and Alerting Client Companies and Others to Cyber Security Threats

With Russian Military Invasion of Ukraine_ Business Services Leader AMSYS Security is On High Alert and Alerting Client Companies and Others to Cyber Security Threats-01

As part of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, both Russian state-sponsored threat actors and professional cyber units within Russia’s GRU have launched several effective cyber-attacks against Ukrainian banks, telecom, critical infrastructure, and government systems. AMSYS is tracking all such activity to ensure that client security remains strong and adept at warding off such threats.

AMSYS was recently named a top cybersecurity company by The Houston Business Journal for the fifth year in a row,

“Even though there are no credible threats or attacks against US-based organizations observed or reported, AMSYS is on full alert at this time of heightened threats to ensure client companies are as well protected as possible,” stated CEO & Founder Khalid Parekh, member of the Forbes financial Council. “We take this threat very seriously since cyber security knows no borders and everyone is a potential victim.”

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Previous Russian-derived malware campaigns targeting Ukrainian organizations have inadvertently affected organizations outside of Ukraine. As a result, AMSYS is alerting organizations regardless of their sector, size, or relationships with Ukrainian organizations that they should take additional measures to prepare for potential impacts from this invasion, including preparing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity resources.

AMSYS Security and other divisions within AMSYS Innovative Solutions have moved to a heightened state of readiness in order to better position resources to respond to incidents affecting customers as a result of the military action occurring in Ukraine.

The AMSYS 24/7 Security Operations Center is continuously monitoring customer environments for signs of compromise and is receiving regular updates and threat intelligence. In addition, the firm’s 24/7 Network Operations Center is prepared to support Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity activities for customers if required. Additional AMSYS technical experts are standing by in the event additional support is needed to assist clients.

AMSYS is also drawing attention to the fact that in the past, highly effective and sophisticated cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure have been perpetrated by the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency. This most recent wave of cyber-attacks against Ukraine primarily consists of Denial-of-Service attacks to disrupt systems and killware, which is a type of malware that erases all data from systems that are infected.

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