Firefly Has Feature to Cover Everywhere With Mobile Protect

Firefly Has Your Business Covered Everywhere With Mobile Protect-01

Firefly has made it possible for businesses to get comprehensive mobile protection coverage with their new offering – Mobile Protect.

With the rise in cyber crime and data breaches in the wake of the pandemic, it’s imperative that businesses take every precaution they can to ensure security and stay in compliance. Mobile Protect offers coverage that is ideal for remote and hybrid work environments and for protecting satellite offices and field workers.

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Powered by Corrata, this mobile threat defense tool offers content filtering and data control without compromising your networks. Businesses stand to lose thousands of dollars each year because of phishing attacks, malware, and other malicious scams, and Mobile Protect helps keep cyber criminal attacks at bay.

“We are very excited to offer Mobile Protect to businesses that are preyed upon by cyber attacks and scam artists, potentially standing to lose money and take a possible negative hit to their hard-earned business reputations,” said Aaron Nowaczyk, Firefly VP of Sales. Mr. Nowaczyk continued, “We take this responsibility seriously and aim to help as many businesses as possible – and Mobile Protect does just that.”

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