Apiiro Welcomes Comcast’s DevSecOps Thought Leader Larry Maccherone to its Advisory Board

Apiiro Welcomes Comcast's DevSecOps Thought Leader Larry Maccherone to its Advisory Board

Apiiro, the industry’s-first Code Risk Platform™, today announced that Larry Maccherone, internationally-recognized author and DevSecOps thought leader has joined its Advisory Board.

With $35M in funding from Kleiner Perkins and Greylock in late 2020, the strategic addition of Maccherone comes as the company is experiencing rapid growth.

Larry brings extensive experience in driving Digital Transformation using an Agile and developer-first approach and is currently leading the global DevSecOps program at Comcast. Prior to Comcast, Larry served as Principal for his eponymous consulting firm, Director of Analytics and Research at Rally Software, and was a founding director for CyLab at Carnegie Mellon, where he co-led the launch of the DHS-funded Build-Security-In initiative. Larry is a thought leader in agile cultural transformations and believes that Security is an integral part of any DevOps initiative.

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“Larry Maccerone brings a practical experience in quantifying the impact of Agile development practices. This gives him a unique perspective into how the right approach to security can have a lasting impact on both security and business results”, commented Idan Plotnik, co-founder and CEO of Apiiro. “Apiiro was founded on the idea that we can fundamentally change the way we approach application and infrastructure security from design to code to cloud by focusing on the risks that matter. Larry can help us achieve that goal and we’re thrilled to have him on the team.”

“As a developer, I revel in elegant abstractions,” commented Larry. “Apiiro has taken what people have previously done as point solutions and created a platform that will let you build in an elegant and secure way. Apiiro is pioneering a new way to empower developers and security architects to understand and manage risk. Providing developers with the knowledge they need to take ownership of the security of their products, from design to code to production, is the way to fundamentally drive success in DevSecOps. Apiiro is inventing an entirely new platform category and I’m excited to help them shape this vision.”