Attwood Import Export Introduces VeChainThor Blockchain Security Sticker To Assure Authenticity On Luxury Beverages

Attwood Import Export Introduces VeChainThor Blockchain Security Sticker To Assure Authenticity On Luxury Beverages
Attwood Import Export Introduces VeChainThor Blockchain Security Sticker To Assure Authenticity On Luxury Beverages

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic slowly fading, many economies are witnessing a sharp rebound in consumer demand, especially for high-quality, luxury goods. During this resurgence, the inefficiencies of traditional logistics models have become starker than ever, with cases of fraud skyrocketing, especially in developing economies.

VeChainThor, the world’s leading Enterprise-grade public blockchain, was conceived specifically to resolve trust gaps in data. Blockchain creates a level playing field where any party can review the claim of another independently, removing the need for intermediaries.

For producers and importers of luxury products, digital technologies that can guarantee origin, logistics trails and legitimacy of a product present a significant opportunity. Unsurprisingly, the adoption rate of digital tools such as blockchain is rapidly picking up pace.

A Digital Future

Attwood Import Export, recognized as the largest premium alcoholic beverage importer and distributor in Cambodia, recently announced the implementation of an entirely new kind of security sticker built using the VeChainThor blockchain, the NFC-enabled ‘Attwood Blockchain Sticker’ (ABS).

Mr. David Wang, General Manager of VeChain Tech SEA, attended the launching ceremony on July 27, 2022, an event attended by various major Cambodian news outlets and televised on the CTV8 Cambodia news channel.

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Attwood Import Export is a leading company that has exclusively imported and distributed luxury brands for almost 30 years, notably, Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Moet & Chandon, Terrazas, Chandon Sparkling, Budweiser beer, Corona beer, and Coronita beer.

By applying ABS to each bottle of product, Attwood enhances its liquor distribution capabilities, drastically improves transparency, and guarantees product authenticity to partners and consumers. With key data hashed on the blockchain, salient product information becomes immutable and trustworthy, allowing clients and customers to verify the origin and authenticity of products with a simple scan of a smartphone, preventing fraud and protecting consumers.

Attwood is known for going to great lengths to take care of its customers. Mr. Tan Se Chhay, CEO of Attwood commented:

“As a leading import export trading company, Attwood has always played an important role in bridging the gap between brands and consumers. Through the partnership with VeChain Tech, we strengthen the ability to take responsibility for our customers and products.”

As a mature, scalable, and commercially proven blockchain, VeChainThor’s versatility continues to garner industrial interest. With an array of advanced tools and solutions already on the market, the VeChainThor blockchain is cementing its position as the de facto blockchain for industrial, commercial, and other kinds of application.

VeChain Tech will continue its mission of developing and deploying digital solutions for Attwood and other visionary businesses, push the fore of digital transformation and unlock new value while solving complex industrial problems. With blockchain mass adoption unfolding globally, VeChainThor stands ready to deliver its powerful blockchain technology to enterprises and businesses of all sizes.

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