Datadog Buys Seekret to Make API Observability Accessible

Datadog Buys Seekret to Make API Observability Accessible
Datadog Buys Seekret to Make API Observability Accessible

Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced it has acquired Seekret, a highly innovative API observability company. The addition of Seekret’s capabilities will extend Datadog’s unified platform to deliver deeper API observability, governance and automation across the entire API lifecycle.

APIs have become central to every modern application. They enable companies to quickly deliver to their customers new applications and experiences that would otherwise be difficult to build. But the explosive growth of APIs within applications has also made it challenging for engineering teams to understand the interdependencies, health, availability and security of these APIs and how they affect the experiences of application users.

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Traditionally, the task of discovering, managing and monitoring APIs has required a substantial amount of setup and ongoing effort from development teams. Seekret’s unique API platform, however, solves many of these technical challenges and makes it easy for organizations to quickly and automatically discover and manage APIs across their environments with minimal effort. Datadog plans to incorporate these capabilities into its security and observability offerings and build many more features for developers, operations and security engineers to better manage the health, availability and security of their APIs.

“APIs are the building blocks for modern software and are therefore essential to every Datadog customer,” said Renaud Boutet, Senior Vice President of Product at Datadog. “Adding Seekret’s platform will give us an opportunity to build many different capabilities for our customers for API observability, security and collaboration. We are excited to have the Seekret team join us on this journey.”

“APIs have become the cornerstone of digital services and organizations rely heavily on them  to make their critical business functions run. As this shift has occurred, however, the ability to have visibility into APIs and to manage complex API operations has remained a struggle for engineering and product teams,” said Idan Gindi, Co-Founder and CEO of Seekret. “Joining Datadog allows us to continue our mission to provide customers the ability to observe and govern all API operations at any given moment and any scale.”

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