Aura Adopts New Proactive Protection Capabilities to Protect Consumers Online


Aura, the leader in intelligent safety for consumers, today announced new proactive capabilities have been added to its platform to protect people online and ensure threats are prevented before they can have an impact on finances, identities, or accounts. These features work together to secure potentially at-risk online accounts, protect online privacy while browsing and help prevent spam emails that clutter inboxes.

This comes at a time when most forms of online crime have hit an all-time high. According to the FBI’s 2021 IC3 Report, phishing attacks have increased 182% since 2019. Phishing often leads to data loss, account hacking and takeover, financial and identity fraud and more. With Aura’s enhanced capabilities, consumers have peace of mind that they’re protected from malicious phishing links, but also from third-party trackers that want to collect, sell and use information about online behavior.

“The online safety and privacy of people and their families is of increasing concern to Americans as innocent people lose billions of dollars yearly to online crime,” said Hari Ravichandran, founder & CEO of Aura. “By continuously adding new protections to Aura’s Intelligent Safety platform, we can protect people from new and evolving threats to their digital safety.”

New and enhanced capabilities are available via Aura’s browser extension and include:

  • Anti-tracking: Block site trackers that want to collect information on you and your family’s online activity
  • Email masking: Generate email aliases to hide your actual email address so you can prevent unwanted or spam emails and reduce your exposure in data breaches
  • Enhanced safe browsing: Using AI technology, Aura automatically stops you from entering malicious sites that may steal your personal and financial info, like malware and phishing sites
  • Ad blocking: Browse the web without pop-up ads

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These accompany existing intelligent safety features in Aura’s browser extension, including Aura’s password manager. Aura’s password manager takes proactive protection a step further with automatic password changing that alerts users to weak, reused or compromised passwords and automatically updates credentials on select sites with just one click.

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