Kasada Partners with Amazon CloudFront Ready


Kasada today announced that it has been named an Amazon CloudFront Ready Partner, part of the AWS Service Ready Program. This designation validates the company’s award-winning anti-bot solution which seamlessly integrates with specific services such as Amazon CloudFront. Kasada will also accelerate its go-to-market by joining the AWS Global Startup Program and the AWS ISV Accelerate Program

Integration with Amazon CloudFront to Provide Bot Defense at Scale

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) delivering websites, apps, and APIs securely at high speeds with low latency. Amazon CloudFront Ready Partners provide solutions-focused offerings to AWS customers in the end-to-end media management, security, monitoring and analytics, and content acceleration space.

Being an Amazon CloudFront Ready Partner differentiates Kasada as an AWS Partner with a product that seamlessly integrates with Amazon CloudFront, helping customers optimize their use of the network. As an AWS Service Ready Partner, Kasada demonstrated success building a technically validated solution that enables AWS customers to easily use the company’s anti-bot technology at scale.

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Craig Templeton, chief information security officer (CISO) and general manager (GM), Group Technology Platforms at REA Group, a Kasada and AWS customer, explained the benefits that he sees for his organization. “Kasada provided a solution that would not only rapidly deploy, but would also have the capability to fight every day intrusive bots and a plethora of sophisticated commercial scrapers and other elusive actors, without draining engineering and development resources or burdening the end user.”

Partnering with AWS to Globally Expand Go-To-Market

To build its momentum in the market, Kasada has been selected to be part of the AWS Global Startup Program. The go-to-market program is invite-only and supports mid-to-late-stage startups that have raised institutional funding, demonstrated product-market fit, and are ready to scale. AWS’s increased support will help Kasada accelerate its growth, particularly across North America, and provide customers with a proactive approach to stopping automated attacks and online fraud.

Additionally, Kasada joins the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for organizations that provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. Joining this program will provide Kasada focused co-selling support from AWS field sellers globally who service millions of active AWS customers, and ultimately provide better customer outcomes, with the assurance of mutual commitment from AWS and AWS Partners.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with AWS to help organizations stay competitive by stopping automated threats, such as credential stuffing, competitive scraping, and inventory hoarding,” said Sam Crowther, founder, and CEO of Kasada. “It is an honor to be named an Amazon CloudFront Ready Partner for our expertise in delivering innovative AppSec and anti-bot solutions. The collaboration between Kasada and AWS allows customers to remain one step ahead of their adversaries with the easiest and most effective way to defend against sophisticated online fraud and automated attacks.”

“Kasada has a proven track record of helping AWS customers detect and defend against bot attacks across web, mobile and API channels,” said Shawn Brady, Head of Global Alliances, CDN, Edge Compute, Security and Media Services at AWS. “Kasada’s solution complements AWS edge networking services by detecting and stopping malicious automation from getting through, and when combined with Amazon CloudFront, gives customers the enhanced availability, performance and security required by modern applications. We are delighted to welcome Kasada into the Amazon CloudFront Ready Program.”

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