Billennium Incorporates IDnow Solution Into Its Inperly App

Billennium-Incorporates-IDnow-Solution-Into-Its-Inperly-App (1)

Billennium, a global provider of enterprise IT solutions, has announced a collaboration with IDnow, a leading provider of identity verification platforms in Europe. Thanks to the collaboration, Billennium’s Inperly app allows Microsoft Teams users to verify identities and sign documents with qualified electronic signatures using ID documents from over 200 countries.

Inperly, an application developed by Billennium, supports remote customer service, consulting, and sales processes on Microsoft Teams. Billennium recently integrated IDnow’s automated identity verification and e-signature services into its app. The new feature allows the issuance of a unique qualified signature (QES), which corresponds to a handwritten signature within the European Union. This feature can be used in most EU countries.

“By integrating Inperly with IDnow solutions, companies and institutions can conveniently, quickly and securely verify a user’s identity and sign documents with qualified signatures in Microsoft Teams. Our solution helps companies digitize documentation workflows and prevent fraud. It can be successfully used in governments, banks, insurance companies, universities, HR firms and other organizations that offer their services remotely,” says Tomasz Goźliński, Head of Products at Billennium.

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“One of our main goals is to help build trust in the digital world, as well as empowering our partners to build secure and trustworthy relationships is part of our mission. Our all-in-one solution with qualified electronic signature is paired with remote proof of identity and complies with the European Anti-Money Laundering Regulation, which guarantees secure conversations with Inperly in Microsoft Teams for all parties involved. Verifying or proving who you are is quick and easy thanks to automatic artificial intelligence-based verifications. This collaboration thus helps to prevent identity theft through biometric checks and electronic signatures,” says Bertrand Bouteloup, Vice President Sales at IDnow.

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