BlueVoyant Announces Strategic Partnership with Argos Risk®


BlueVoyant, a cybersecurity services company, today announced a strategic partnership with Argos Risk, a leading provider of financial risk intelligence. The alliance will see data from Argos Risk’s AR Surveillance™ solution utilized in BlueVoyant’s third-party Cyber Risk Management (CRx) suite of services.

The aggregated, complementary third-party risk data will better enable BlueVoyant to provide customers with clarity into their own security posture, and visibility across their vendor ecosystem. This will be particularly valuable to high-target industries.

“Argos Risk feeds non-cyber related insights from key sectors into BlueVoyant’s CRx services, allowing for a more holistic view of a business’ third-party cyber risk security posture. This enables it to directly address its clients’ exposure to cyber risk throughout the supply chain, enabling them to take immediate action,” says Jim Penrose, Chief Operating Officer at BlueVoyant.

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“We are extremely excited to partner with a world-class cybersecurity organization such as BlueVoyant,” says Lori Frank, President and CEO at Argos Risk. “Offering large enterprises impactful intelligence, utilizing our data, further demonstrates BlueVoyant’s dedication and focus on delivering best-of-breed cybersecurity technology and outstanding customer service to businesses around the world,” added Frank.

BlueVoyant’s managed CRx services make it easier for organizations to quantify and manage third-party cybersecurity risks, to an agreed risk tolerance. This exceeds simply identifying cyber risk, which alone isn’t enough; it measurably reduces clients’ exposure to the real threats to their businesses.