Byteworks Teams with XeneX

Byteworks Teams

Byteworks is partnering with XeneX to offer its AI-based xenexSOC – Cloud Security Operations Center (SOC) to managed service providers (MSPs) who are challenged by an evolving threat landscape. MSPs are on front lines of protecting their clients against data breaches, malware, ransomware, and other attacks for which they are often unprepared. To address these threats, XeneX is applying its security expertise and portfolio to MSPs in partnership with Byteworks to bring them the tools that will strengthen their security posture and better protect both themselves and their clients.

“Byteworks was searching for a managed SOC partner that uses innovative AI/ML for threat analytics and can leverage the customer’s existing security investments,” said James Willard, Solutions Executive at Byteworks. “Their approach is having a designated, SOC analyst who is familiar with the customer’s environment and can respond more rapidly to security threats. This aligns very closely with how we engage and build relationships with our customers”

XeneX’s multi-level, multi-tenancy platform collects and enriches endpoint, network, and cloud telemetry, and then analyzes it with multiple detection engines. Machine learning and custom detection rules then deliver personalized protection for MSP Clients.

While other products have limited visibility, the vendor-neutral xenexSOC platform enables broad visibility and works seamlessly with existing technology stacks, making it easy to adopt while eliminating blind spots and vendor lock-in.

“This is a great example of how we’re continuing to work closely with our partners and have them accelerate their opportunities across the entire customer experience,” said Kevin Nikkhoo, CEO, XeneX. “As customers reimagine their applications, transform their infrastructure, empower their teams, and secure their data – our entire portfolio is partner ready.”

“Medium-size & Enterprise businesses are looking to MSPs as their trusted technology advisor, and with this responsibility comes the need to protect them from the ever-increasing threat landscape,” said Kevin Nikkhoo. “They are easy targets for cybercriminals and often the least prepared. MSPs are now on the front lines of protecting their clients against data breaches, malware, ransomware, and other attacks and often are feeling unprepared.”