Cantium and Tenable partner to enhance the cyber security readiness of local authorities

Cantium and Tenable partner to enhance the cyber security readiness of local authorities

Cantium Business Solutions, a public sector IT services specialist, today announces a partnership with Tenable®, the Exposure Management company, to support local authorities in the proactive management of vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure.

The strategic partnership will enable local authorities to eliminate cyber security blind spots, prevent cyber-attacks and build a baseline for cost-effective risk management. Empowering them to make the best decisions around what, when and how to mitigate exposures that put them most at risk.

With a wealth of public sector knowledge and expertise, Cantium will harness the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform to help authorities gain a full and accurate picture of their attack surface – spanning software and application vulnerabilities, access permissions, IT assets and cloud resources. By identifying, monitoring, and prioritising vulnerabilities across their entire network, authorities will be better equipped to protect critical infrastructure and citizen data.

Cantium promotes a proactive approach to vulnerability management and through the Tenable One platform, it will be best placed to support authorities, helping them respond quickly to incidents and resolve vulnerabilities. The platform also provides authorities with a customised environment and security posture reports to help them achieve Public Services Network (PSN) Code of Connection compliance and other key security-based certifications.

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Steve Whiting, Commercial Director at Cantium Business Solutions, commented: “As local authorities look to deliver value-driven citizen services, they are increasingly embracing digital technologies. This means they have increasing amounts of data to protect, at a time when the sophistication of attacks is growing. Naturally, this places cyber security as a top concern. Our partnership with Tenable provides authorities with a cost-effective solution to assess risk, meet compliance requirements, drive improvements, and succinctly communicate their organisation’s security status.”

Having a siloed view of how assets and users are connected across the entire network is often considered the biggest barrier to preventing attacks. Together, Cantium and Tenable will support local authorities in their journey to enhance their cyber security posture by providing critical visibility and insight into assets and users on their network.

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