Cequence Security Strengthens Runtime API Protections In API Sentinel

Cequence Security Strengthens Runtime API Protections in API Sentinel

Cequence Security, a leading API security vendor, announced today the release of API Sentinel 2.0, adding powerful features that will help organizations strengthen their runtime API protections by “shielding the right” – a necessary step that is often minimized while implementing “shift left” DevOps initiatives. These new capabilities solve the biggest API security problems most organizations face today, including:

  • Reducing Compliance and Data Loss Risks: Data governance teams can create and maintain up-to-date inventory and risk posture of their APIs, as well as use the Sensitive Data Exposure dashboard to quickly identify and remediate APIs and endpoints leaking sensitive data.
  • Encouraging Security Collaboration: A broad set of APIs facilitates collaborative efforts between development and security teams by identifying critical security gaps that require remediation, while reducing the administrative overhead so they can spend more time innovating. For example, API Sentinel 2.0 allows developers to push API specifications to API Sentinel from CI/CD frameworks such as Jenkins or GitLab, receive API traffic from other network sources, and export data to external tools for analysis and fraud remediation.
  • Eliminating API Discovery Surprises: API Sentinel integrates with your network infrastructure from the edge to the data center to ingress controllers, providing 360 degree visibility and helping eliminate surprise discoveries of APIs deployed outside of a defined process.

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“Security pros must adjust to the reality of more modular and more agile application development,” wrote Sandy Carielli, Forrester Principal Analyst in “The State of Application Security 2021” report. “As firms rely on more third-party components and open up more APIs externally, security teams lacking cross-department relationships and automation will be left behind.”

Cequence API Sentinel 2.0, which is now generally available to all customers, helps security and development teams protect against a wide range of threats including those highlighted in the OWASP API Security Top 10 with new API Inventory and Sensitive Data Dashboards to accurately discover and track all their external and internal APIs. Rounding out the new features are new custom and predefined risk assessment capabilities that enable proactive API monitoring and categorization.

“With APIs playing an ever-bigger role in the development process, enterprises need a way to immediately identify all APIs, assess the security risks and protect against them,” said Larry Link, CEO of Cequence Security. “We’ve worked closely with our Fortune 500 and Service Provider customers, such as those in the financial services space, to ensure that we’re providing an API security solution that can accelerate API security maturity levels by driving the critical collaboration needed to support tens of thousands of APIs.”

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