SafeGuard Cyber Introduces Advanced Governance For Zoom Video Communications

SafeGuard Cyber Introduces Advanced Governance for Zoom Video Communications

SafeGuard Cyber, the only SaaS platform dedicated to managing the full lifecycle of Digital Risk Protection, has introduced its new Advanced Governance for Zoom Video Communications extension that augments the collaboration platform’s native security and compliance capabilities.

The SafeGuard Cyber solution governs Zoom meetings’ audio, video, and transcripts, as well as IM and in-meeting chats, from account compromise, data loss, compliance violations, and other threats.

With access to Zoom’s Archive API, SafeGuard Cyber’s  Advanced Governance for Zoom delivers added security, cyber defense, compliance, data protection, and cross-app policy enforcement in a single SaaS application.

SafeGuard Cyber enables teams to verify all Zoom settings for security best practices, protect their meetings and accounts against unauthorized access, and provides added cyber defense through detection of malicious links and social engineering attacks.

Additionally, SafeGuard Cyber leverages access to Zoom’s Archive APIs to enable supervision and retention of all Zoom meeting and chat contents for a wide range of policy violations, including regulatory, DLP, data privacy, and business conduct.

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“Our new integration providing enhanced visibility for Zoom communications is a game changer for businesses looking to bolster their security and compliance capabilities beyond Zoom’s native protections,” said SafeGuard Cyber CEO & Co-founder Jim Zuffoletti. “Teams that leverage our AI-powered platform for mitigating risk will gain the added assurance that their Zoom meetings, chats, and data are protected, and all content is subject to policy application and retention management.”

SafeGuard Cyber applies governance at the user account and access levels. If any suspicious sign-on activity is detected, security teams are instantly alerted and can simply press a button to immediately disable accounts they fear may have been compromised.

Additionally, SafeGuard Cyber provides the option to auto-rollback any risky changes made to users’ accounts that violate security policies. These protections can prevent unauthorized users from accessing protected Zoom meetings.

SafeGuard Cyber’s extension supports automated archiving and policy supervision for all Zoom contents, with full audit trails for investigation and legal readiness. These capabilities are available to administrators, regardless if hosts choose to record meetings or not.

With SafeGuard Cyber’s integration, security teams can also gain consistent enforcement of security and compliance across collaboration apps, including Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing organizations to maintain security and compliance in various inter-app collaboration scenarios.

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