CheckRed Security Appoints Pat Clawson as CEO

CheckRed Security Appoints Pat Clawson as CEO

CheckRed Security, the all-in-one SSPM and CSPM platform, announced today that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed Pat Clawson as its first Chief Executive Officer. Clawson brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in driving cybersecurity innovation.

As CEO, Clawson will lead CheckRed’s global initiatives to secure complex SaaS and cloud environments. He will be responsible for setting strategic vision, accelerating product growth, and expanding the company’s global market presence.

Clawson has been appointed by CheckRed’s board of directors which includes Scott Hammack (Executive Chairman), Stuart Scholly (Chairman), and Pavan Gorakavi (President).

“We are thrilled to welcome Pat Clawson to the CheckRed family as CEO,” said Scott Hammack. “His deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape and his successful track record in leading high-performing teams make him the ideal candidate to spearhead our company’s growth. We believe that under Pat’s leadership, CheckRed will thrive in protecting organizations from rising SaaS and cloud threats.”

Clawson joins CheckRed during a time where SaaS and cloud reliance has become ever more important for organizations around the world. Organizations continue to scale up digital transformation projects for improved business operations, although securing the growing number of SaaS applications and cloud environments in use is a daunting task. Security failures and unmet compliance requirements are common and costly in this digital first landscape.

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“I am honored to join a company that, while still young in years, is extremely advanced in delivering smart, intuitive security solutions to customers who have an immediate need,” said Clawson. “Companies are driving to the cloud in droves, yet security risks, misconfigurations, and poor access management has become rampant. Together, with our partners, we can deliver value quickly to organizations in need.”

Clawson’s appointment comes on the heels of the launch of the company’s freemium edition that delivers users comprehensive visibility of their SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments with continuous monitoring and remediation workflows from a single security posture solution at no charge.

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