CipherCloud Dominates KuppingerCole 2020 CASB Market Compass as a Complete Cloud Security Solution with Integrated Data Protection

CipherCloud Dominates KuppingerCole 2020 CASB Market Compass as a Complete Cloud Security Solution with Integrated Data Protection

CipherCloud®, the market’s leading provider of integrated cloud security and data privacy, today announced it has been awarded a perfect score across every category of the KuppingerCole 2020 CASB Market Compass report, gaining specific praise for its industry leading data protection and ability to address every key requirement of today’s “complete” cloud security solutions.

For the fourth year in a row, CipherCloud was positioned as the most advanced and all-encompassing CASB solution on the market, earning the highest possible “strong positive” ratings from global analyst firm KuppingerCole in all nine evaluation categories – including data protection, security, interoperability, usability, deployment, discovery, access control, compliance and posture management.

CipherCloud CASB+ was specifically differentiated from all other CASB solutions in the industry for offering integrated data security, including Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), email content protection, and end-to-end data protection across enterprise SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications. The analysts also highlighted the product’s unified threat prevention, backed by User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), as well as its “turnkey” integration architecture.

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“It’s fantastic to see KuppingerCole recognize CipherCloud CASB+ within the context of its 2020 Market Compass report because this research also highlights the specific requirements that today’s customers really value, in particular around SaaS and cloud governance, and data protection,” said Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO, CipherCloud. “Organizations are telling us every day that this is where they are challenged to address their greatest pain points, such as around supporting complex cloud collaboration to enable the growing remote workforce.”

KuppingerCole’s report also highlights the continued maturation of customer requirements beyond traditional CASB use cases and into areas including Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Data and User Protection, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) as organizations seek out more advanced solutions. This directly mirrors expansion of the CipherCloud CASB+ platform as it seeks to address growing demand for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities.

“CipherCloud has once again scored strong positive marks across every aspect of our research, highlighting its leadership standing and continued evolution from a top-tier CASB into a complete cloud security solution that also includes CSPM, Data and User Protection, and Zero Trust Network Controls,” said Mike Small, Distinguished Analyst at KuppingerCole. “We’ve further underlined that CipherCloud CASB+ offers a uniquely powerful approach to integrated data security, addressing perhaps the leading challenge among today’s practitioners as they continue to embrace cloud applications and infrastructure.”

KuppingerCole further highlighted CipherCloud’s overall product roadmap trajectory, with the company consistently adding crucial functionality as it continues to build out its integrated platform approach.

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“What we are seeing in this report is validation of the vision that CipherCloud has maintained for many years,” said Kothari. “The expansion of CASB to encompass other core customer requirements around configuration monitoring, integrated data security and privacy, along with support for unmanaged users and devices, among other key drivers, is precisely where we see the market going, driven by SASE and other frameworks. We strongly agree with KuppingerCole that this is what is needed to offer a complete cloud security solution.”

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