Hacket Cyber Lets You Collaborate With Hackers with the ALLYGN Partner Program


Hacket Cyber, a leader in penetration testing and offensive security services, has announced today the debut of the ALLYGN partner program for technology resellers, integrators, and services providers. This unique program allows these providers to provide offensive security and ethical hacking services to their customers by partnering with Hacket Cyber.

“With the launch of ALLYGN, any technology provider or reseller can identify gaps and weaknesses in their customers environment and provide a service that these customers are already demanding due to the heightened cybersecurity climate and increasing regulatory obligations.

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The ALLYGN program and packaged offering combined with a services providers remediation and outsourced IT capabilities is the perfect combination and answers the call of increased protection that businesses of all sizes need to stay protected,” said James Carroll, Co-Founder of Hacket Cyber.

Hacket Cyber’s ALLYGN Partner Program is aimed to augment the staff of technology providers and making penetration testing and compliance services easier to access for both providers and their customers. To learn more and apply, visit https://hacketcyber.com.

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