CloudDefense Joins State of California Software Licensing Program to Grow DevSecOps Capabilities

CloudDefense Joins State of California Software Licensing Program to Grow DevSecOps Capabilities

CloudDefense is now an official part of the Software Licensing Program (SLP) for the State of California. The company, which has long been a market leader in cybersecurity solutions for private enterprise, will now be providing an application security suite to the Director of General Service for the Golden State.

“We are very happy to be partnering with the State of California,” said Anshu Bansal, CEO of CloudDefense. “Our experience in cybersecurity, combined with the forward-looking attitude of the State, will allow us to realize a state of the art cybersecurity suite that will protect critical state agencies from threat actors of all types.”

CloudDefense is a market leader in Application Security. The company has pioneered the development of high-visibility cybersecurity suites that allow organizations of all types to quickly and effectively gain an overview of their cyber vulnerability. Using CloudDefenses suite, California State agencies will be able to identify and isolate incoming threats across all of their systems simultaneously.

CloudDefenses’ security suite allows these agencies to assess their risk level against a number of key metrics, such as OpenSouce vulnerabilities, Open source licenses, Static Code Analysis (Coding issues), Pen Testing, API, Cloud Native, Cloud Infra, and Container Vulnerabilities. All of these areas can be accessed with a few clicks, and State agencies can prevent accidental slippage of critical security issues in production.

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With a growing number of attacks happening on government and private sectors, the State of California is taking a lead in identifying the security vulnerabilities hidden in their applications. This will then allow State agencies to prioritize fixes and patches. Up until now, this process has been an entirely manual one, but by working with CloudDefense the State of California will now have access to end to end automation for finding vulnerabilities.

In order to implement this cybersecurity suite, CloudDefense will work with a range of trusted partners and suppliers. The company has initially selected three partners to work with to provide technological solutions to the State of California – xTerraLink Inc., Galaxy Solutions, and Infinite Solutions.

California’s Silicon Valley was where the digital revolution began. Now, by partnering with CloudDefense, the State of California will become a leader in protecting State Agencies – and the data of its citizens – from cyberattack.

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