Redbot Security Launches Cymbiotic, an Advanced Cybersecurity Management Platform

Redbot Security Launches Cymbiotic, an Advanced Cybersecurity Management Platform

Redbot Security, a leading penetration testing company based in the U.S. announced today that its new Security Management Platform Cymbiotic™ is now scheduled for release in Quarter 1 of 2024. Cymbiotic powered by Redbot Security has been in development for over 4 years, and Alpha Stage is complete. The platform is deep in the beta development stage, putting the software ahead of schedule. Cymbiotic will revolutionize business cybersecurity as a scalable multi-tenant management console; enabling companies to have much greater security access by unifying critical controls across any organization, ultimately moving industry to a safer, more secure world.

Cymbiotic will provide unparalleled security insight with the ability to manage teams, clients, on-demand testing with rapid internal VM deployment, secure reporting, and remediation tracking, while also acting as an advanced attack surface management platform for every network.

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“Cymbiotic will deliver improved security and asset management inside and out. Our platform streamlines workflow while alleviating archaic business practices that burn excessive time and require massive learning curves,” stated Morgan Habecker, Redbot Security’s Lead Developer. “Our team has 30-plus years of deep security testing in all types of environments, providing us with unique insight into roadblocks and security issues our clients and consultants face daily. Not only are the process improvements necessary for us to grow as an industry leader but even more so, we are also excited to have others benefit from the heart and passion we have put into this collection of scalable security tools.”

During the next development phase, the company will focus on some of the main features, including reporting, dashboards, and user experience features, along with fine-tuning the application’s security. A selected group of Redbot Security clients will be able to participate in the pre-launch stage.

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