Code42 Incydr Bolsters Insider Risk Indicators With Actionable Prioritization Of Data Exfiltration Events

Code42 Incydr Bolsters Insider Risk Indicators with Actionable Prioritization of Data Exfiltration Events

Code42, the Insider Risk Management leader, today announced that it has enhanced its Incydr data risk detection and response product with a prioritized view of the highest-risk data exposure and exfiltration events happening across organizations.

The new prioritization model uses Incydr’s extensive library of Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs) to transparently score data exfiltration with evidence and file, vector and user context. It not only surfaces the data exposure events that require the most urgent attention from security teams, but also improves security teams’ ability to quickly reduce, contain and resolve them.

With this new prioritization model, Incydr now directly fills a gap left by existing data security technologies as nearly two-thirds (63%) of today’s IT security leaders report not knowing which Insider Risks to prioritize.

“Security analysts today face a never-ending barrage of alerts,” said Joe Payne, Code42’s president and CEO. “Code42 is addressing this problem head on, showing security teams exactly who and what the biggest risks to their data are, so they can mitigate leaks of proprietary data like source code, product plans and customer information.”

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Stop Data Exfiltration: Actionable Prioritization with Incydr

Incydr is purpose-built to help security teams effectively manage the dynamic nature of Insider Risk – that includes prioritizing the risks that matter the most. The trio of attributes that make up Code42’s prioritization model set it apart from others in the industry. Code42’s model is:

  • Context-driven: It is designed to manage ever-changing Insider Risk Indicators. Incydr scores combinations of IRIs, or risky file behaviors and activities – such as file mismatch, off-hours activity, untrusted web uploads, or personal cloud sync app use – for each data exposure or exfiltration event happening across employees’ computers or in corporate cloud and email systems. These IRIs give security teams the critical context they need to determine the level of risk of file exposure events.
  • Pragmatic: It is rooted in real-world Insider Risk expertise. Incydr assigns risk scores for file events, which are created using qualitative security research on the most applicable use cases coupled with telemetry data from Incydr.
  • Adaptable: It effectively pinpoints and scores an organization’s highest risk users and saves investigation time. Security teams can tune prioritization settings for their organization’s unique risk tolerance.

Incydr’s new prioritization model is currently in a Limited Early Access program with a selection of Code42 customers. It is expected to be available to all Incydr customers during the summer of 2021.

The Code42® IncydrTM data risk detection and response product allows security teams to effectively mitigate data exposure and exfiltration risks without disrupting legitimate collaboration. It is a SaaS solution purpose-built for Insider Risk Management. Incydr surfaces the top indicators of Insider Risk and accelerates an organization’s ability to detect and respond to data exposure and exfiltration events.

Incydr is cloud-native and built to directly address the gaps in conventional data security solutions. Organizations looking for detailed security intelligence about on- and off-network file movements can use Incydr to help identify and act on the greatest indicators of risk to their data.

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