Conversant Group Appoints Slate Of Senior Leaders To Scale With Robust Customer Demand

Conversant Group Appoints Slate Of Senior Leaders To Scale With Robust Customer Demand

Conversant Group, an innovative provider of “Secure First” infrastructure and cybersecurity services, has hired four senior business leaders to lay more expansive foundations for rapid growth. The company, which was founded in 2009, grew revenues over 50% in 2022 (year over year) and formed three “sister companies” (or “battalions”) to specialize their offerings toward their customers’ unique proactive and reactive infrastructure and cybersecurity requirements. In 2022, Conversant also expanded their employee base by more than 50%; their most recent senior leader hires include:

William Cordio: Logistics Captain (vice president of operations equivalent) for the Fenix24 Battalion. Cordio will lead efficiency and scalability initiatives and oversee all Fenix24 processes, infrastructure, platforms and daily operations.

Gary Schafer: Managing Director, Conversant Group. Schafer is responsible for overseeing the formation and execution of key business projects. He holds departments and team members accountable to their commitments, assists with strategic decisions and helps drive change throughout the organization.

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Ed Myruski: Director of Rapid Betterment, Conversant Group. Myruski’s role is critical in accelerating the deployment of Conversant’s innovative, secured technology solutions and delivering them to Managed Protection Operations and the Support Team.

Jeffrey Slapp: Director of Sales Engineering, Conversant Group. Slapp’s charter is to build and nurture a world-class sales engineering team, providing them with the tools, resources and ongoing education needed to help deliver customers the best, most technologically current technical solutions for their unique environments.

“Each one of these leaders was carefully chosen for their shared sense of mission and innovation, continuous focus on operational efficiency, process excellence, strategic vision and impeccable qualifications,” said Mark Grazman, Conversant Group president. “Equally important, they all have a “security first” mentality—an important core value.”

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